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With Lior & the Tinalley String Quartet

Compassion is a symphony of songs that unites the soulful power of Lior's voice with the radiance and vivid drama of Nigel Westlake's orchestral style. Performed by an octet comprising some of Australia’s best ensemble musicians, this unique collaboration celebrates the liberating power of compassion that can bring people together across the divides of race and fear. Poetic, beautiful and rewarding.

Written by singer-songwriter composer Lior and composer Nigel Westlake, it premiered with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House in late 2013.

Compassion is based on seven ancient Hebrew and Arabic texts, written in response to the vicious and implacable cycle of violence in the Middle East. Lior’s gloriously soulful voice and Westlake’s radiant music achieve the seemingly impossible: the uniting of Islam and Judaism in a joyful celebration of compassion and its ability to bring people together across the divides of race and fear.

The chamber version of Compassion was commissioned by Tinalley String Quartet for premiere at the 2018 Adelaide Festival. This Octet version offers the opportunity to take this amazing and inspiring work to venues across Australia in 2020.

The collaboration between TSQ and Lior was both inspired and inspiring” - Weekend Notes

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Arvo PÄRT (b 1935)
Fratres (1977)
Nigel WESTLAKE (n 1958)
Compassion (2012) – arranged for chamber ensemble
I         Sim Shalom
II        Eize Hu Chacham?
III       La Yu’minu
IV       Inna Rifqa
V        Al Takshu L’vavchem
VI       Ma Wadani Ahadun
VII      Avinu Malkeinu
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