You’d be surprised at how many strangers are eager to tell me their favourite dwarf joke

Debra Keenahan, Katrina Douglas and Paul Prestipino invite you to a creative development sharing of Little Things Matter. The showing will include a collection of scenes and ideas created during a week-long residency.
Little Things Matter is a one-woman solo performance based on the lived experience of Debra Keenahan, a woman with achondroplasia dwarfism. Through a synergy of verbatim, sound and visual storytelling, Little Things Matter provokes social critique on the blasé ill-treatment of people with dwarfism. It leads the audience to reflect upon the accumulative effect of microaggressions such as ‘quality of life’ presumptions by doctors, invasions of privacy with inappropriate questions and furtive phone photos, and slights and insults all too frequently delivered under the guise of “…just joking…”.
The showing will run for approximately 40 minutes followed by an opportunity to share your thoughts on the work.
Friday 30 April at 2pm
Approximately 1 hour

FREE TO ATTEND - Just turn up! 
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